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Wealth Management

Through its subsidiaries, the IRIS Finance International Group offers its retail clients an open and holistic approach to investment. Investors can choose between entrusting the management of their wealth to professionals through expert and tailor-made solutions, retaining control of their investments while benefiting from insights and advice. Investors may opt for two types of wealth management if they wish to achieve several financial objectives, over varying investment horizons, or create value from different sources.

Discretionary management mandates 

Based on client proximity, communication, engagement and trust, discretionary management offers the highest level of investor guidance. After examining your criteria and constraints, particularly in terms of tax treatment, risk tolerance and thematic preferences, we build a discretionary and tailor-made portfolio. Whether the chosen strategy is dynamic, balanced, or defensive, it is always managed in a pragmatic, proactive and highly personal way. The fluid interactions between our equity and bond capabilities within the group ensure that your investments are managed safely and with flexibility. As performance-driven managers, our constant efforts to deliver superior returns or outperform the market are simply scaled up or down to account for different investment profiles.

Advisory management 

This is an ideal compromise if you wish retain control of your investments, backed by dedicated and experienced advisory services. You remain the sole decision maker but receive regular and personalised recommendations that will help you select assets, adjust your positions, and develop your own market experience. When required, you can receive assistance with the evaluation of a given risk or an important tactical decision.

Institutional Investors

The trust our institutional clients have placed in us over the years has been mainly driven the quality of our investment expertise, but also by our discipline, integrity, and our innovation capabilities. Leveraging the diverse and complementary nature of the group’s combined skills and our dual equity/bond market culture, we can offer a wide range of open and flexible investment solutions.

IRIS Finance International Group is widely recognised for its pooled fund management expertise. Our funds, whether based on a discretionary or quantitative approach, fulfill their promises and meet our investors’ expectations. They are now incorporated into many life-assurance, French PEA plans or unit-based funds. The Digital Funds umbrella SICAV, managed by Chahine Capital, has delivered a positive alpha* over the past twenty years by employing proprietary algorithmic models.

* Past performance is not indicative of future results.
The recommended minimum investment period for Digital Funds SICAV is 5 years. They have a high level of risk.

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